Confident Locks Personal Hair Hairband

$499.00 Inc GST

Every Confident Locks™ hairband is custom-made with each order. Whenever an order is placed with your own hair, we stop production on all other orders (as soon as your hair is received via registered mail) and work exclusively to create your own Confident Locks™ hairband. We take extra care with your hair because we know how precious it is to you.

Measure your head circumference in cm with a tape measure and enter it here. We will match your head circumference with the right band size for you.


Confident Locks™ is a patented product that has been lovingly created by Real Fringe Hair Bands, primarily for those who have lost their hair due to oncology treatments or hair loss conditions such as Alopecia Areata, and is designed to be worn under headwear such as beanies, scarfs, caps, and hats. Here’s what happens when you choose to create your own Confident Locks™ hairband with your own hair:

  1. You place an order for your own Confident Locks™ hairband.
  2. You download our Hair Donation Form and print it out.
  3. If your hair has been cut and ready to be sent to us, follow the instructions on the form and mail your hair to us via registered mail.
  4. If you haven’t cut your hair yet, take the form and the haircut instructions to your favourite hairdresser so they can help you.
  5. Once we receive your hair via registered mail, all production activity pauses on other orders and we start working on your Confident Locks™ hairband as our priority.
  6. Once ready, we will send your hairband to you via registered mail*.

We know how precious your hair is, so rest assured we’ll take extremely good care of it once it is in our hands. All our hairbands are handmade with love right here in Melbourne.

*Free Shipping Within Australia


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