Nicole Dematos is the founder of Real Fringe Hair Bands (RFHB), and she is also an oncology nurse with a passion for all things oncology and in making a true difference.

“I don’t know what it was about oncology nursing, but it was always my calling.

I was always drawn to it.

Being able to be a space of light during one of life’s most challenging journeys was one of the many reasons that drew me to it.

I commonly get asked, “Isn’t it hard?” and “How do you cope?”

The truth is: I love it and I honestly wouldn’t choose to work in any other line of work.

I am constantly inspired by patients (and their loved ones) who have been told something “black”, and after they have had space and time to process it, they tend to “take the bull by the horns, decide who and what is important in their lives, and just get on with it.”

These patients say all the things they have been wanting to say, and for whatever reason put it off….as we all tend to do. They focus on what is important and flush the rest. They are a daily inspiration to me.”