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Confident Locks

Confident Locks™ is a patented hairband that has been lovingly created by Real Fringe Hair Bands, for those who have lost their hair due to oncology treatments or hair loss conditions such as Alopecia Areata. 

Confident Locks™ is designed to be worn under headwear such as beanies, scarfs, caps, and hats. Their unique design means you can say goodbye to itchy wigs and hot, sweaty heads. 

Every hairband is handmade-to-order in Melbourne, Australia with either your own hair, or hair that has been donated by a loved one, a friend, or a generous community member.

created by Real Fringe Hair Bands
Confident Locks™ with your own hair

If you would like your very own Confident Locks™ hairband made with your own hair, click the button below to place your order.

If you would like to order a hairband made with a personal donation such as from a parent, sibling or loved one, please click the button below to order too.

All orders for hairbands made with personal hair are our top-most priority, so once we receive your hair, all other production work halts so we can create your hairband first.

Confident Locks™ with donated hair

Through the generosity of community members, friends and loved ones, we have a large collection of donated hair that has been sewn into hair wefts, ready for loving new homes with deserving people like you.

We have hair of various lengths, colours, and textures available. You’ll tell us your preferences, we’ll find something to match your choices. If we don’t have anything in stock that is a 100% match, we’ll contact you personally to discuss the options that are available.

Detangler Brush for your Confident Locks™

This is our favourite detangler brush that you can use to care for your Confident Locks hairband. 

It is our promise that we only sell accessories that we have used and that we love.


“The band is so comfortable… the reaction from everyone has been amazing; so positive and flattering! It feels awesome wearing it. You have made our week… even month! THANK YOU!!!”


Cancer Patient

“It’s so soft and fits beautifully… can’t believe it’s my own hair! You missed my tears when I put it on… just so special, so special to have my own hair. Can’t explain how happy it makes me!”


Cancer Patient, when she just received her Confident Locks

“OMG I just wanted you to know how many wonderful comments I have had on my fringe band… spreading the word of your amazing product! So confident and absolutely loving it. Everyone thinks I still have hair. Can’t thank you enough! It’s amazing. Loving following your journey. You are one special lady and I feel so privileged to be your first customer.”


Cancer Patient, a week after receiving her Confident Locks